Glass & Screens

From custom fit table tops to replacement services, Liberty Glass & Blinds knows glass. Think outside the window with our wide selection of custom glass products, including shelving, mirrors and more. We also manufacture double-pane insulated glass units right here, in house. In many cases if you get your broken window to us before 10 AM on a normal business day we can have it repaired for you the same day.

Insulated Glass – Fast Track Product

Insulated glass is a way to keep your house warm in the cold Puget Sound winters, with sealed, double-paned glass keeping both your home insulated and muffling sound from outside.

If your insulated glass fogs, or if one or both of the glass panes break, bring it to Liberty Glass & Blinds. We’ll get it repaired faster than anyone else, and in some cases, even the same day!We offer both in shop or in field service, we have repair equipment technicians right at our repair shop so we can promise the fastest turn around for your glass repair and replacement.

insulated glass

Window & Sliding Door Screens – Fast Track Product

Screens are part of our Fast Track Product line, that mean we are a manufacturer of screens which equals fast service, quality products and great pricing. If you have a torn or damaged screen we can often take care of your needs right away, most often the same day, depending on the type of product and work load. We also offer measure and install service as well ask our sales staff about details. We have been meeting our customers screen needs for over 30 years. ( Replace introduction to product with what is written here).

* Available for Fast Track Service.

window door screen


Mirrors brighten a room with reflected light, doubling or even tripling the amount of light in a room with few to no windows. They can also make small room look much larger. Additionally, mirrors can be cut in sizes and shapes that fit your space and your style.

Have the experts at Liberty Glass & Blinds come over and measure you for mirrors, too! We have more than 30 years of experience helping folks design and decorate their homes. And as for price, all we can say is, “We’re the fairest one of all.”


Table Tops

Your home is a unique expression of your style, so why make the centerpiece of your room a cookie-cutter table from a big box store? At Liberty Glass & Blinds, we offer a wide selection of customized glass table tops. Light, tough, and easy to clean, glass table tops add a refined look for living rooms and dining rooms.

table tops

Glass Shelves

Whether you just need an accent shelf or matching wall shelves for your living room or office, our glass shelves look sleek, elegant, and timeless. Choose from a variety of frosted or transparent glass. Liberty Glass & Blinds will cut your custom glass shelves to order, fast!

glass shelves