Window Coverings

At Liberty Glass & Blinds, we have a wide range of window covering products for you to choose from. We also offer our Liberty Brand Faux Wood Blinds that we have in stock and manufacture. Fast Track items that are manufactured in our factory with fast turnaround at prices that can’t be beat. Browse through our selection of window coverings below, please feel free to stop by and see our display or Call Liberty Glass & Blinds today and schedule a FREE in-home estimate.

Liberty Brand Cordless Faux Wood Blinds – Fast Track Product

It may be hard to believe but we can get installed into your home our custom fit Liberty Brand Faux Wood blinds in only 3 to 5 days in most cases. At prices that rival the larger companies without compromising on the quality ( look at our video and see the comparison, MAJOR BOX STORE vs. LIBERTY BRAND). We also are happy to serve the do it yourselfer, you measure and install and we will give you Faux Wood blinds to fit your windows FAST TRACK. We offer 5 different colors that meet most our customers however if the you don’t find the color that you are looking for we also sell a wide range of other Faux Wood products that have other colors.

* Available for Fast Track Service.

Cellular Cordless Shades

Made from a soft but sturdy pleated fabric, cellular shades (also known as cellular, honeycomb blinds or honeycomb shades) form honeycomb-shaped cells between layers of fabric, trapping air and insulating your home while letting light filter softly through. Added layers or sizes of cells control the amount of light and insulation. You can select from a wide variety of fabrics for light filtering or room darkening, and your cellular blinds can be designed to be opened from the top down or bottom up.

Cordless cellular blinds are also available, a popular kid-safe and pet-safe option.

Please allow 7-10 working dates to receive product

cellular shades

Cordless Roller Shades

Simple, Effective and time-honored retractable roller shades get the job done. Roller shades have always been an affordable window covering option, but if you haven’t shopped for blinds in a while, we’re happy to let you in on a little secret: roller shades can be as stylish and design-forward as any of the more expensive options.

Roller shades come in many colors, patterns, textures and materials, from real fabric for a high-end look to earth-friendly bamboo and cost-conscious vinyl and PVC. Our roller shades are built well, operate smoothly, and are an excellent option for budget-minded shoppers who don’t want to sacrifice quality.

roller shades


There’s something about window shutters that instantly conjures images of home, whether it’s a craftsman bungalow, a stately Victorian, or Northwest cabin. The horizontal wooden louvres, the solid colors, the timeless simplicity of the Old World design’s window shutters are here to stay and are worth considering for your home.

Interior and exterior shutters are available from Liberty Glass, in a broad range of colors and finishes, including faux wood shutters and composite or vinyl shutters. Board and batten, Bahama, and Plantation shutter styles are available as well.


Roman Shades & Woven Woods

Real wood, grass, and fabric are the secret weapons that gives roman shades their warm, stylish look. Pull the cord and roman shades simply fold up into crisp pleats or soft folds, giving you full light. Roman shades close completely for shade, insulation and privacy.

Any style or decor can be accommodated by this excellent and affordable alternative to draperies. Roman shades just look good, and are great for families on a budget who want to add just a touch of elegance to a living room or dining room.

roman shades

Vertical Blinds

When you need to cover a lot of space but don’t want the cost and maintenance of expensive draperies, vertical blinds are the tried-and-true solution. Vertical blinds, just as their name suggests, are made of hanging vanes. Excellent light-blockers, vertical blinds are great for any size space.

Affordable, available in many colors and styles, vertical blinds work well with your pre-existing decor. Go sleek. Go retro. Go modern, or go classic: vertical blinds have you covered.

* Available for Fast Track Service.

vertical blinds


What are treanna shades? Like a hybrid of cellular shades and mini blinds, treanna shades consist of soft horizontal fabric vanes sandwiched between two sheer fabric panels. Treanna shades create a soft filtered lighting effect that can be adjusted for more complete light blocking.

The beauty of treanna shades is matched by their versatility: not only can you raise and lower the shades completely for window views, you can also open or close the interior vanes to control the amount of light filtering through, whether the treannas are raised or lowered.


Aluminum Mini Blinds

Warp-resistant, rust-resistant mini blinds have come a long way since your childhood. If you think mini blinds are hard to maintain or won’t last, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Quite simply, aluminum mini blinds are the most popular window covering for all the right reasons.

At Liberty Glass & Blinds we use what’s called a high-profile (taller) head rail with a thicker rod and all-metal components, as opposed to flimsy low-profile (shorter) head rails with plastic parts. This is our way of showing you we care about quality, even when you can’t see it.

Please allow 7-10 working days to receive this product.

aluminum blinds